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Cocoon Charity Fundraiser

Cocoon's August Charity Fundraiser

During August the Cocoon team are raising money for the Silver Star Society which offer special care for mothers with medical complications during pregnancy.

Silver Star Charity

"I suffered from Pre-eclampsia at 25 weeks pregnant with twins which resulted in the loss of my baby girl and my boy being born 10 weeks premature. Without the Silver Star team's help and support a very difficult time would have been so much harder. This is a charity very close to my heart and I now feel comfortable to assist in fundraising to give something back."

Lisa de-la-Plain, Cocoon Owner

Silver Star Charity

Target £1000

Cocoon owners will double the total donated up to £500

What's Happening

High end raffle throughout the month with over £2000 worth of prizes including

  • Free Gel Nails for a Year at Cocoon
  • Overnight stay for two at Hilton Hotel including dinner and breakfast
  • Meal for two at L'Ortolan
  • Delicious Italian food hamper from Carluccios
  • John Lewis Hamper
  • Bluetooth Speaker from Richer Sounds
  • Hamper from Winkworth
  • Free Gym membership for a year at Buzz Gym
  • Over £1000 of hair & beauty products from online retailers Beauty Flash

We are extremely grateful for all the support given by the above

Silver Star Day - Thursday 29th August

Sponsored Waxing, Head Shaves, Bake Sale, Spinathon
Bonus event: Cocoon Owner, Lisa, will be doing a sponsored silence which all the team will love!

Lisa's Story

Cocoon owner Lisa tells her story of her problems during pregnancy and the comfort and support provided by the Silver Star team.

I was approaching the age of forty and as a single lady my thoughts naturally turned to motherhood. Realising that time was potentially running out for me and after one unsuccessful IVF attempt with a previous partner I decided to go it alone with donor egg and donor sperm.

I was over the moon when I found I was expecting twins, one boy (Eden) and one girl (Sofia) albeit a little shell shocked, especially as I would need to move house for the extra room.

Six weeks after moving house and just after creating a John Lewis gift list to furnish the two new nurseries I started to feel very unwell being sick every single morning. I put this down to being pregnant with twins and the stress of moving house. I started to get more and more worried before my mum suggested we go to the doctors.

The doctor took numerous blood pressure readings, a urine sample and sent me straight to the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading where I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia. At the time of diagnosis I was 25 weeks pregnant. After a week I was transferred from the Royal Berks to the John Radcliffe in Oxford where they have more specialist services. I was told that due to the severity of my Pre-eclampsia and associated problems with the development of Sofia I may have to give birth at any time.

Thanks to the staff at Silver Star the hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks and despite feeling very unwell in myself I was still pregnant. I then got the news that Sofia was in trouble and could possibly be born severely disabled and could jeorpodise Eden's chances of survival. I was given the option of termination. This was obviously an incredibly difficult decision to have to consider. Being single, I had some lovely friends that came to visit me and offered their advice but it was the love and support of the Silver Star team that kept me going. Because this was such a difficult decision I had numerous discussions with medical experts but as you would expect no one could give me any guarantee whethewr she would or would not be severely disabled.

On 14th May 2016 when I was sitting hooked up to a machine being monitored, Sofia's heartbeat was stronger than Eden's. When I was hooked up again later in the day they couldn't find Sofia's heartbeat. After calling a doctor in from surgery I was given the news there was no foetal heart beat for Sofia. At that very moment one of the Silver Star nurses grabbed by hand and held me. She stayed by my side and didn't leave and allowed me to spend the night in the monitoring room so I didn't have to go back to the ward. Of course I was still pregnant with Eden so had to stay strong, and as well as possible for him despite the Pre-eclampsia getting worse. One of the hardest things was having just the one heart rate monitor and one heart beat on the screen where previously there had been two.

In the time between Sofia's death and giving birth two weeks later naturally I was worried about what would happen during the birth. The two worries that spring to mind are "How would Sofia look, bearing in mind she died two weeks previously?" and "Would Eden survive and be healthy?" These questions and more were answered with honesty, support and care by the Silver Star team. I remember asking a nurse whether Eden would be okay and she said 'he will run the gauntlet but should be fine.'

Lisa and Eden

On 27th May 2016 I was rushed in for an emergency C Section as there were concerns over Eden's well being. I gave birth to Eden first and he was immediately rushed to receive intensive care. I then gave birth to Sofia who was shown to me in a wicker basket in a very compassionate manner.

I was then taken back to my room having given birth to two babies and not having one to hold. Sofia was bought to me in a cold cot so I could spend some time with her which I really appreciated. Prints and casts of her hands and feet were taken along with photos. I found this and the whole bereavement process unbelievably comforting. I was also given a special teddy bear from the Aching Arms charity so I had something to hold.

When I was well enough I was able to be wheeled down to see Eden, he weighed just 2.4 lbs and was hooked up to lots of machines. Every so often alarms would go off and the nursing staff would attend to his needs. They could see how terrifying it was for me and tried to be as comforting as possible whilst I asked what seemed like a million questions.

Given the trauma of everything I was 'upgraded' to one of the suite rooms although the upgrade was short lived as the concern switched from Eden to myself and I was rushed to high dependency with Pulmonary edema and Pneumonia - all part of the horrible Pre-eclampsia . After two weeks of further care I was discharged from the John Radcliffe and allowed to go home. At the same time Eden was well enough to be transferred to my local hospital. Ironically he was ready to leave before me!

During my 6 weeks in hospital I experienced the greatest emotional pain and at the same time the most overwhelming expression of care by the Silver Star team. Although they care for a lot of patients you really do feel like you are their only concern. I still think of them often. Especially when I see how Eden is now.

Everyone thinks their children grow up fast but when you've seen a 2.4 lbs baby grow into a strapping 3 year old it is a sight to behold. He is amazing and due to go into nursery in January 2020.

I have nothing but praise for the Silver Star team and I will always be eternally grateful to them all.